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Born in 1958 at Oran, Marc Ash lives and works in Paris. He started to paint at a very young age. Unable to live by painting alone, he left his passion on the side to take up an international career in production and trade of raw materials. In 1998, he hung up his blazer and tie to devote himself to art.


2 years later, Marc Ash was noticed by the TV channel France 2 at his first exhibition at the Betin Toublanc gallery. Later it was the turn of Daniele Palzzoli, a famous italian art dealer of the Galeria Blu gallery, to discover his work. He had faith in Marc and gave him his immediate and unconditional support. Marc's work began to appear in the most important Italian art collections.


Success continued, and with it came the recognition of the professional art world. In 2002 his work « All Together » which unites fifty pieces (paintings, sculptures, installations) took for its theme a masterly condemnation of violence and intolerance. Presented for the first time at the Palazzoo Reale Museum in Milan, and then at the 50th Biennale of Venice, the exhibit was noticed by Posy Chisholm Feick, the president of the board of the Peggy Guggenheim collection in Venice. She joined forces with Daniele Palazzoli to promote Marc's works. In association with the Guggenheim Foundation of New York, Posy organised the first show of Marc's work in New Yok at the Remy Toledo gallery.


Marc was selected to represent France at the Biennial of Beijing, whilst his work was the object of shows all over the world, from Toronto to Montreal, from Beyrouth to Madrid, via New York, Miami, Saint Petersburg, Mexico, Milan and Moscow.


In 2010, Marc created « Light the World ». This installation stages an illuminated display using 10.000 copies of the Le Monde newspaper.


The work condemns censorship and and celebrates press freedom. “Light the World” was produced in Paris with the support of Le Monde newspaper, and later the Pierre Nothomb Foundation. The Beaux Arts Palace in Brussels opened its doors to Marc's work and “Light the Evening” was shown with the support of the European Union.


The installation is due to travel to New York with the New York Times, to London with The Times, to Madrid with El Mundo, to Milan with La Reppublica, to Geneva with Le Temps and to Berlin with Die Welt.



Special prestigious event



In September 2016 for the European Heritage Days, the “Light the World” installation will be shown at the Henri IV pavillion in the very room, now a listed building, where Louis XIV, the Sun King was born.




To get more details about galleries who represents Marc around the world, as well as his biography and the "special event" please go to contact.



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